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AI Augmented ESBMC processing. Passes the output from ESBMC to an AI model that allows the user to use natural language to understand the output. As the output from ESBMC can be quite technical in nature. The AI can also be asked other questions, such as suggestions on how to fix the problem outputted by ESBMC, and to offer further explanations.

This is an area of active research. A technical paper was released alongside version 0.1.0 of ESBMC-AI.

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Article Compiler

Article compiler is a simple shell script that takes articles written in Markdown and convert them into a HTML file that is suitable to be included in websites, it also supports an easy template system that will allow the output to be styled as the rest of the website.

The articles in the articles page have been compiled using this script.

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Blender Showcase

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Static Builder

StaticBuilder is the successor of WebKitBuilder. It is created using Python3 and it is much better designed. Customization is currently only available by openning the source file and changing the variable names.

StaticBuilder is a python script that allows you to re-use HTML code throughout a website without the need to copy-paste the re-usable parts. Think of it as a macro in C. You define your re-usable HTML in a file and then import it to different parts of the website. when the website is to be viewed, run StaticBuilder and all the re-usable HTML will be placed throughout the website.

This tool encourages code re-use in static websites and increases development efficiency.

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Particle Graphics Engine

Written in C++ using libsdl2 and glm. This was the project I had to do for my computer graphics course in my 3rd year of university.

The graphics engine is designed very modularly. Features can be disabled and enabled very easily. The following features are supporting:

  • Highly customizable particle emitters. All particle emitters seen in the video, (the smoke, the flare, the explosion particles) are using the same particle class, but the property values are changed.
  • Basic model loading support.
  • Model renderer.
  • Camera system.
  • Runs on Linux.

Shinobi Arcade Bonus Level Remake

This was a remake of the ninja star throwing bonus levels of the Shinobi arcade where the Shinobi would throw ninja stars at the on-coming ninjas. This project was built using the Godot game engine.

This project’s source code cannot be shared as it contains copyright content from SEGA. If you are interested in gaining access to the source code (excluding the art and sounds) then email me.

This project was created for demonstration purposes and is in no way intended to replace the original game.

Image of the game.

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NOTE: A new version of this program has been released, called StaticBuilder. It is recommended to use StaticBuilder as it is faster, newer, and cross-platform. WebKitBuilder will remain up for viewing purposes.

This project’s goal was to create a way for html developers to be able to import content into their files in an easy and painless way that did not affect the actual website in any way.

There are a lot of reasons one may want to do this, among them being, to reuse code in an easy and error-free way. Imagine having a simple html page, you create a navigation bar that is going to be used throughout the website; normally, you would have to copy-paste the navigation bar html and CSS code in each page. This easily becomes a nightmare when you are constantly tweaking page elements that are common throughout the website. With this script, all it takes is to run it and your commonly used code, is automatically placed throughout the website in a matter of seconds.

This website, is in fact, created using this script. So, it’s proven to work!



This web application was a combined effort between me and a group of 5 other people.

We were given complete creative freedom by the University to develop any kind of web app and submit it at the end of our first year as a team project.

After designing some concepts for the website, and mock art, we eventually decided to create a social media website that would be used to inform people about events that were happening near them. Event organizers could add events to the website, with relevant information, and then the users could upvote or downvote each event so it could gain popularity. Furthermore, users could also comment on each post about what their opinions were for the event.

The project was extremely well polished in the end and my team and I managed to surpass our previous expectations in terms of feature complexity and quality.

Throughout the whole experience, we never felt like we were losing control, and, we finished the project before the deadline.


Text Encryption Software

This project was written in Visual Basic for my IGCSE end of year project.

The program allows you to load a text file and an encryption key, and it will then, encrypt/decrypt the file using the loaded key. This was my first useful project, and as you can imagine, it was badly written. The whole program was written in about 4 source files (excluding the automatically generated UI files that Visual Studio generates for you). Basic programming principles have been applied; however, it is not something complicated.

Image 1 showing the encryption UI. Image 2 showing the decryption UI.